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Curtin Academy continues to recognise the sustained efforts of our former Fellows who were instrumental to shaping and influencing the current trajectory and activities undertaken by the Academy. We thank our Alumni Fellows for the contributions they made throughout their period of Fellowship. 

Lynn Roberts

Active from  2014 - 2022

Sue Bolt

Active from 2014 -2021

Jennifer Howell

Active from 2018 -2022

Nicoleta Maynard

Active from 2014 -2021

Khoa Do

Active from 2015 -2022

Craig Zimitat

Active from 2018 -2021

Rick Layshewsky

Active from 2014 -2021

Teri Balser

Active from 2016 -2021

Michelle Kelly

Active from 2020 -2022

Carmela Briguglio

Active from 2014 -2021

Melissa Davis

Active from 2017 -2021

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Curtin Academy
Alumni Fellows & Nominations 

Curtin recognises the Curtin Academy Fellows as the University’s exceptional learning and teaching leaders. Fellows form part of a network of like-minded colleagues building a culture of teaching excellence. The Fellowship provides opportunities for recipients to enhance their leadership in learning and teaching and to share their teaching expertise and pedagogical excellence with colleagues. 

Find out more about our Curtin Academy fellowships and nomination criteria:

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