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The Curtin Academy has been established to recognise, reward, enable and extend excellence in teaching at the University, nationally and internationally. We are an active and honorary network of leaders passionate about the collaboration and dissemination of teaching excellence at Curtin.

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​The overarching purpose of the Curtin Academy is to promote a culture of teaching excellence by engaging our outstanding teachers and allowing them to provide colleagues the opportunity to learn from their expertise and exceptional pedagogical practice. 

We provide advice, foster innovation, development and enhancement of teaching, creating an independent, learned voice and make opportunities for teachers to interact regarding the scholarship and/or experience of learning and teaching. 


Creating a culture of acknowledgement of teaching staff as well as providing leadership advice, professional development, career opportunities and encourage the sharing of expertise. Curtin Academy also focuses on integrating quality education to promote long-term purposeful education.


Curtin Academy fellows will be expected to participate in the following ways:

  • Take leadership in learning and teaching

  • Be actively involved in peer review of teaching

  • Contribute to one Curtin Academy project per annum

  • Attend collegiate events and/or induction of new fellows (3-6 per annum)

  • Provide advice on strategic learning and teaching matters

  • Assist with the development of learning and teaching strategy and

  • Foster communication and connection between Schools, Faculties and the Curtin Academy.


The benefits of being inducted in to the Curtin Academy includes:

  • Create a sense of ‘belonging’ for exceptional teaching staff;

  • Provide recognition for and acknowledgement of staff for excellence in teaching;

  • Promote a University culture of teaching excellence; • Encourage collegiality in sharing expertise and exceptional pedagogical practice;

  • Provide professional development and career opportunities; and

  • Enhance the quality of teaching at Curtin by providing strategic leadership and advice.

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